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Recent News and Press Releases

Lakewood Car Wash Unveils New Design

Cars At Opening  Entering the Wash

This venerable 50 year old facility underwent extensive remodeling and reopened as a new, modern Flex Service operation, featuring a new boutique and comfortable waiting area for customers. The car wash tunnel was remodeled with construction work necessary to support a new conveyor system and state-of-the-art all cloth equipment including on-line tire dressing and most recently a Dry N Shine ™. The conveyor and tunnel are approximately 160 feet long, so IAG incorporated multiple services and marketing packages including an online express wax process called California Speed Wax™. IAG recognized that there will be new innovations both in equipment, marketing and new product lines and has provided for the addition of all these updates in the design parameters of the tunnel.

IAG also worked with Vacutech Systems to incorporate a specialized central vacuum system for the Express Detail area and the customer Self Service Vehicle Enhance Center. The car wash is designed to incorporate automated pay stations and gates, which will also include a new POS to be incorporated in later phases of the modernization plan. Washlink Systems provided the car wash with a new Motor Control Center and Variable Frequency Drives for power conservation. Recognizing the concerns related to environmental stewardship & issues with California’s drought, IAG also incorporated and elaborate water saving reclaim and R/O system capable of greatly reducing the amount of fresh water used in the wash process.

Lakewood Car Wash Looking Forward to the Future

Lakewood CarWash  Lakewood Car Wash

For more than 40 years Lakewood Car Wash has been a fixture in the community on one of the busiest corners in the city. Located at the corner of Lakewood Blvd and South Street, the Car Wash is just north of the one of the largest malls in Southern California.

“Unfortunately the wash has been mostly absentee owned and operated over the past 10 years and sorely neglected” says the new owner, Mr. Alex Shakouri, CEO of Shakouri Investment Group. “When Mr. Paul Dadgar presented us with information about the wash we were very excited. We have been working with Paul and looking for a car wash in Southern California for several years and knew immediately we could not pass up this great opportunity.”  read more...

IAG Forms New Advisory Committee

Irvine Advisory Group, LLC (IAG) is proud to announce the formation of its new Advisory Committee. Members of the committee are all independent professionals with extensive experience in the car wash & service station industry and capital markets. read more...

IAG Expands to Texas

Irvine Advisory Group, LLC (IAG) is expanding its California base of operations to Texas. We have recently established a satellite office in the north Dallas area of Texas and look forward to expanding the services we offer the car wash and service station industry throughout the Sun Belt States. read more...

IAG Facilitates Sale of Lakeside Car Wash
(featured in commercials, TV shows and movies for half a century)

Lakeside Car Wash

This family business has served Burbank and Toluca Lake for over 54 years.

Lakeside car Wash


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